Meditation and Art

Navago Vágó Éva Art and mediation build up my life.
I started as a painter. I studied at Vocational Secondary School of Arts and Crafts, but my inner dynamics were longing for a more total genre with wider range of means of expression..
That is why I enrolled at the Faculty of Editing of University of Theatre thus entering into the world of filming.
Film itself means for me the pure synthesis of the visual, music, rythm and mind. I spent 20 years at Hungarian National TV devoted to my blessed profession.

My first out-of-body experience popped into my life unexpectedly when I was 18. This strong effect made me to study the borderline of psychology and religions. I have spent 35 years so far searching for new possibilities and ways how they could be applied in practice.

I went along the same road as artistic works are born- waving together the deep consciousness and transcendent world. My artistic and mediative roads crossed each other in 1991. I managed to get answers for my basic question of who I am. I was awakened. If I know who I am, I might see whom you could be if you were awakened. I feel myself devoted to share this experience.

My work can be fruitful for those who wish and dares bravely to contact their deepest Self. One not be afraid of his/her deepness is certainly able to conctact the highest, devine Self as well.