Code painting

Napkitörés Visual Communication - One possibility of mental expansions of a new human type

By hiding collective and individual codes in my paintings I transmit the messages of the spiritual world intuitively. My exhibitions and personalized paintings offer opportunity to share these codes with the seekers.

Collective codes:

My paintings include not just visible shapes but energetic codes as well, that prepare the viewer for the New Era and for new energies. After having reached the energy system of the bystander it gets steeped by the vibration of the new light. This process naturally enables new opportunities and inspirations to be opened and to be bloomed inside the recipient.

Although we talk about collective codes there can happen that some pieces of art invite one person that is more touched by the tunings that the Cosmos transmits through paintings. In this case the painting and its ownership can get to this person under two conditions. The painting should remain accessible for the public occasionally, and in some way one should support either the promotion of the paintings containing the messages of the Universe, or the creator.

Individual codes:

During personal consultations I contact the higher, divine self, spiriual leaders of the respective person. Following this I touch the leaders again through meditation in my studio. The formulating painting contains such codes dressed in colors and shapes, that by getting activated affect one’s energy system. This personal visual message- that goes far beyond our mentally perceived World- awakens the dormant opportunities, potentials and thus enable the person to open new ways and inspirations in his/her life.

Personalized paintings are made just for special favor of prepared and ready seekers, after consultation. The financial compensation of my work is also set as agreed personally.

Those who have seen my paintings so far, calmed down. Their energy has managed to be focused and launched them in their inner path, hence they could feel and awake to newer and newer frequences of love. This observation has lead me to share the revelation and experiences of my own journey that trough on-demand CONSULTATION can help others open their creative self and receive new energies both spiritually and practically.